In view of recent revelations regarding historical accusations of abuse in the football industry, we at Aylesbury Vale Rape Crisis would like to add our voice. Abuse and the detrimental, damaging effects remain with those who have suffered, lifelong. Males, non-binary and transgender are victims of abuse too, yet there appears little emotional support available to what is a large part of our society.

Our ethos has always been to work with female victims. However, we recognise that excludes many. Society is changing, and with it, is our need to change also. We now feel it would be appropriate to be more inclusive. In January, we are launching a helpline and will be offering support to all, no matter what creed or gender.

Our service is in the process of growth. Going forward we are hoping to extend our counselling service, which is already available to transgender and non-binary, to include males. In the New Year we are also offering group support.