Responsible Gambling

Responsible gaming programmes are an important part of how casinos do business every day in the UK. The main goal of these programmes is to make sure that people who play casino games do so in a responsible way. Each member of the AVRC has voluntarily agreed to research, create, and electively enforce a Responsible Gaming Code of Conduct for operators throughout the industry, as well as give the industry a wide range of resources for players to help them be more responsible when they play.

About AVRC

Each year, the industry spends hundreds of millions of pounds on responsible gaming initiatives. These initiatives include support for research on the best practises, the creation and distribution of educational resources for customers and other stakeholders, as well as comprehensive and ongoing employee training in a myriad of gambling based operations throughout the United Kingdom.

Members of AVRC are not enforced but in turn electively advocate responsible gambling by providing responsible gambling resources on their customer facing websites and within their respective organisations.



With so many unregulated operations operating in the UK gambling arena regulation and compliance becomes a moot point. Advocation for voluntary responsible gambling circumvents compliance with the intent of acchieving the same outcomes by helping individuals with online gambling problems.

Asside from the personal expense to players, compulsive gambling cycle inevitably results in the loss long-term customers for casinos.

Regulation does little to resolve the problem for individuals or gambling operators.

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