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We also encourage responsible gambling. We value this. We think gambling is fun, but we know it can be a problem for some.

If we could offer one gambling tip, it would be to always be in control. Anyone who can’t control their actions should avoid gambling. Gambling isn’t for everyone, so it’s best to be cautious. Millions of people around the world enjoy healthy gambling. You can gamble responsibly, so have fun. Please read and follow our responsible gambling tips.

Gamble for fun

Few gamblers consistently win. Although anyone can make money from certain forms of gambling, it takes time and effort to learn the skills. We wouldn’t discourage anyone from trying if they were serious, but most gamblers aren’t committed or determined enough to win consistently.

This shouldn’t bother you. Most people only gamble for fun. They expect to lose money and view it as an entertainment cost. This is the right way to gamble, for most people. Problem gamblers often need to win. This can cause frustration or anxiety when they lose, leading them to bet more to win back their losses. This can start an out-of-control cycle. If you expect to lose, you’ll avoid the same trap. If you’re prepared for your losses and don’t mind spending money, gambling can still be fun. Losing makes winning more satisfying.

Not enjoying gambling is a waste of money. When it’s no longer fun, quit.

Set a gambling budget

Perhaps the best way to avoid gambling problems is to set a daily loss limit. If you set and stick to limits, you can gamble without getting into trouble. Daily, weekly, or monthly limits don’t matter. Set limits and stick to them. Use money you can afford to lose when gambling. Spending spare money on gambling is fine, but risking money you need for other things is a different story. This leads to chasing losses, which rarely ends well. After spending your gambling budget, stop. Never gamble beyond your means.

Time limits & breaks

Too much time spent gambling can be as harmful as too much money. Gambling can easily become a habit, leading to future problems. Even if you’re not in financial trouble, parts of your life will suffer if you gamble constantly.

As with money, it’s important to limit the amount of time spent gambling. Gambling in your spare time is fine if you can afford it, but it shouldn’t consume you. Setting time limits and taking breaks is a good idea.

If you’re spending too much time gambling or neglecting other things, take a break. Life shouldn’t revolve around gambling.

Gambling Tips

Responsible gambling requires logic and self-control. It can be a healthy and fun hobby. You might even win money. Gambling can become a problem if you can’t control it.

Follow the above advice to keep your gambling under control. Also, try these tips.

Gamble sober.

  • When stressed, upset, or depressed, avoid gambling.
  • Sometimes quit while ahead.
  • Don’t gamble with borrowed money.
  • Gamble sparingly.

Last, if gambling is becoming a problem for you, don’t be afraid to tell someone. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, and you shouldn’t handle the problem alone. There are organisations that can help if you don’t want to talk to friends or family.

If you’re losing control or can’t gamble responsibly, stop gambling immediately. If you can’t stop or suspect addiction, get help. This article offers tips on using gambling content-cards.